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Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards

Materra Specialties Set

Materra Specialties Set

Gift set includes the following wines:

2019 Viognier
1 bottle each

Materra's 2019 Viognier perfectly captures the beauty of this grape by displaying both delicacy and richness. Crisp and alluring, this wine opens with fresh fruit aromas of apricot and apple. A lift of citrus upon the first sip quickly develops into a pleasing layer of honeysuckle - giving us that great floral sensation - which then unfolds to create a nice mid palate minerality. After 7 months in French oak, this wine carries a great balance of rich creaminess, and mouthwatering acidity that leaves you begging for the next sip. 

Enjoy with Thai food, or with your favorite seafood dish!

2016 Midnight
1 bottle each

A bright and lively wine, this Midnight blend is vibrant on the nose as notes of plum, currant, and blueberry mingle together with the fresh floral aromas of violet. A burst of black cherry and raspberry welcomes your palate, as flavors of mocha and vanilla start to develop to create a pleasing mouthful.

A tannic finish gives this wine the perfect balance between fun and sophistication, the perfect wine for any social gathering.

2016 Hidden Block Cabernet
1 bottle each

This wine opens with a burst of ripe plum that quickly envelops the nose. Continuing on this dark fruit theme, the scent quickly transitions to a pleasing layer of blackberry and black currant jam. 

These flavors carry over to the palate as well, where they are met with spicy characteristics formed during the 22 months this wine spends aging in French oak barrels. A nice intensity brings balance to ll the flavors, making this the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with any steak or hearty beef dish.

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